Getting the hang of it...

by Clara Nipper

Derby Clara’s Second Blog

 by Clara Nipper

In case you were wondering, I taste like glitter and venom. So today, I’ll focus on glitter.

Here we are with my second blog and I’m just as clueless as I was with the first, but I have included a photo of me in derby gear as a few people requested that.

So, for aspiring writers, here is the best advice I was ever given and therefore, the best advice I can give: meat in seat. Make a commitment every day to have your butt in the chair with the intention to write and stay there no matter what. If you stare into space; if you doodle; if you weep; stay there and I guarantee, you will write eventually.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes also said that “stories are medicine” and I find that inspiring enough to get my meat in the seat.

Regarding works in progress, I am in continual conflict with a manuscript entitled At My Mother’s Table. I just have too much material and so must decide what to cut. But the wonderful thing about this coming-of-age story is that it creates conversations about food. There is a chapter in which the main character eats mulberries right off the tree and when I shared that section aloud, it began an entire discussion of eating “wild” food as children. Green apples, sour cherries, blackberries wrestled from thorny canes, jam grapes loaded with seeds and honeysuckle blossoms were regular additions to our culinary fare. You really know you’re an adult when you walk past honeysuckle instead of running to it. And sharing these stories, I learned so much about my loved ones that I never otherwise would have known and that is one way I believe stories are medicine.

Until next time, derbylove to everyone. And I’ll be the one eating tomatoes off the vine and drinking water from the hose, come over and play!